Current Session Info

B07 Premier 2018/2019

G04 Premier 2018/2019 *WINTER TRAINING INCLUDED*

Girls 2004 birth year Premier program

*Winter training included*

Just Play B09 NYCSL 2018/2019

B03 Premier 2018/2019

B06 Premier 2018/2019

Boys 2004 Premier 2018/2019

Boys 2004 birth year Premier program.

Boys 2005 Premier 2018/2019

Boys 2005 birth year Premier program.

Just Play B08 Premier 2018/2019

G03 Premier 2018/2019 *WINTER TRAINING INCLUDED*

Girls 2003 birth year Premier program

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Travel

G03 Premier 2018/2019 *NO WINTER TRAINING*

Girls 2003 birth year Premier program **NO WINTER TRAINING INCLUDED**

**TEAM MANAGERS 2018/2019**

Just Play 2007 Girls

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JPSC was created to develop, enhance and foster the physical and mental abilities that each individual child possesses to play the game of soccer at the greatest possible attainable level. 

JPSC strives to instill the necessary skills for the game, along with understanding the value of the game within a team concept.

JPSC is a non-profit organization with a board of directors who have employed rules and by-laws that govern the participation and conduct of our membership.